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Paris for Young Families

A city made famous by its architecture, the writers who wrote about it and the artists who recreated it. And of course there’s the food – croissants and café, delicious pastries, onion soup and tartes, and a perfectly cooked steak frites for dinner. Paris is mesmerizing to all ages and not just the city of Romance.

For those planning a trip with young families in tow, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you plan and ensure you return home with lasting memories of your family vacation.

Prepare to see the top sites with all ages

Prior to departure, read or watch an age-appropriate version of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, then upon arrival in Paris, visit the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, not forgetting to climb the winding staircases to the top, admiring the gargoyles along the way.

Double up a trip to one of the famous museums with an age-appropriate art project. Grab a colouring book and pencils from the Louvre gift shop to make this a child-friendly visit to the expansive museum. Pack a sketchbook and pencils and spend some time at the Picasso Museum creating unique souvenirs of your time exploring the cultural scene. Wander along Champs Elysee with your fashionistas, window-shopping at the luxury boutiques before heading to the Yves Saint Laurent museum.

Purchase tickets for the Eiffel Tower in advance and plan to climb part of the way to the top, taking in the views of below as you climb higher, depending on the age of your children.

Be a prince or a princess for the day

Chateau Versaille with its magnificent gardens and opulent palace make for a memorable day out for all ages. Prepare children for the visit by watching Once Upon a Time at Versailles to familiarize them with some of the palace’s former residents at: We highly recommend a child-friendly guided tour.

Take a guided tour

Whether your younger ones are interested in history, food or are more active and want to experience Paris on two wheels, a guided cultural tour is a great way to explore a city with the help of a local guide. Sample bites on a food tour through Paris’ famous markets or lesser-known food spots. History buffs can learn about Paris under its different rules. Or take a tour of the main sights you may just want to know a bit more about. Double decker busses are a great way to explore all the main areas with an audio guide along the way, helping you and your young ones get from one place to another without leaving behind the cultural and historical experience along the way.

Don’t miss a visit to Ladurée

A trip to Paris with children of any age wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Ladurée for an authentic macaroon. Memorize your children with the beautiful colours and designs of the macaroon and choose from the colourful selection including rose, caramel, coffee and pistachio to name a few available in the glass counter.

Take some time out

Paris has many beautiful parks and gardens and are a great way to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still in the city. Head to a local bakery to pick up a picnic and then spend some time quiet family time in Jardins des Tuileries while the children play on the manicured lawns and enjoy views of the Arc de Triomphe. The Jardin de Luxembourg is equally beautiful with public fountains, a playground, and activities to keep younger children active and entertained.

Meet Mickey and Minnie en francais!

That’s right! Just a short distance from central Paris, Disneyland Paris awaits with enough differences between the American parks to make this a unique experience. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, activities for all ages, and meet and greets with your favourite characters make for a fun day out. Or make it two days out if you can’t choose between Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Get ready to go!

To start planing your customized Paris adventure for your family, Contact Krista at Tovell Travel today.

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