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Everything for the Traveler

Tovell Travel is committed to providing the guidance and tools you need for booking your next adventure. Below you will find services offered which are all customized to each client’s needs.



Throughout many years of providing this service to clients, Krista Tovell has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible. 

Krista will work closely with you to ensure all aspects of your holiday are looked after.  Krista's services allow you to relax and focus on yourself and or your family while she does what she does best and puts together the vacation you have been dreaming about.

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We insure our lives, cars, homes, jewelry, fine art, etc.  Why should your vacation deserve any less?

Insurance is planning for the unexpected and you never know when something will happen and it is highly recommended that any vacation you take, regardless of length or location, should be looked at as an investment. 

With several different plans and options available, Krista Tovell can help you navigate the inclusions, exclusions and terms and conditions and decide which policy is right for your next getaway. 

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Groups of any size can offer up a magnitude of problems if you're not familiar with how to navigate the process. 

Let Krista Tovell help you plan and book your small group adventure or your large destination wedding. All you have to do is say where you want to go, select the perfect itinerary, find the people and travel!  She will take care of everything else. 

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