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We insure our lives, cars, homes, jewelry, fine art, etc.  Why should your vacation deserve any less?

Insurance is planning for the unexpected and you never know when something will happen.   

Here are 5 reasons to add your insurance:

1) You work hard for your money. 

Most of us work a 9-5 Monday to Friday job and stash away a bit of money off each paycheque until you have enough to pay for the trip of a lifetime!  That may be an annual All-Inclusive vacation to the Caribbean or a bucket list item such as trekking Everest Base Camp.   We all work hard for our money and we want to see if put to good use. 

2) Protection is for unforeseen events. 

Almost anything can happen while traveling including weather delays, medical emergencies to yourself in destination or a loved one back home, trip baggage loss or delay, cancellation before departure or interruption while in destination causing your need to return home. If any of these situations arise, you want to ensure that your vacation is protected and your hard earned money does not go to waste. Travel Protection will ensure you are protected for these unforeseen situations.

3) Global Assistance with Standby MD. 

I may not be able to be there for you 24/7 while you are away on vacation, but your insurance provider can be! If you experience a medical emergency issue while in destination, where available a "Global Concierge" service brings the doctor to you, instead of you traveling to the hospital to see a doctor. This also helps to eliminate medical fees charged by local hospitals.

4) Baggage Loss or Delay.   

Have you ever arrived at your departure gate with your carry-on and been asked if you would like to check it? Or, taken an earlier flight than originally planned? There is a small chance your luggage will not arrive at the same time you do and you are left with nothing but the close on your back and the items in your pockets or purse. Baggage Loss and Delay insurance will allow you purchase the necessary items needed until your luggage arrives.

5) Peace of Mind.  All of the above reasons are good reasons for purchasing travel insurance, but what about just the simple “Peace of Mind” aspect to knowing your investment is well protected regardless of what happens before or during your holiday. Vacations are great fun to plan and experience, and hopefully nothing but good memories come from it, but by giving yourself peace of mind and protecting yourself and your vacation, you take away the unnecessary worries and left knowing that you are protected should the need arise.

To learn more about Travel Insurance, here are some great resources:


It Is also STRONGLY recommended that both COVID Medical AND Non-Medical Trip Cancellation and Interruption be included in your trip planning.  A quote will be provided upon each booking request.  If insurance is declined, an Insurance Decline Form will be required to be signed indicating that you have been advised of your options and that you are declining insurance.  Please note that Tovell Travel cannot be held responsible for any travel related issues related to COVID-19 or other if insurance has not been purchased.

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