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Top 5 Caribbean Destinations that are Family Friendly

Family-friendly destinations can be hard to choose, but only if you don't know from where to get help. Making plans to visit ideal family holiday locations such as the Caribbean where the needs of adults, preteens, or young children are satisfactorily met, can be such a daunting task. Whereas many resorts might seem family-friendly, only a few offer all the conveniences and entertainment options money can buy.

Cost considerations notwithstanding, families who enjoy blending fun, exploration, and beach time equally desire lots of pampering, high-class amenities, luxurious treats, and everything in between packed into a single vacation.

Here are the top 5 Caribbean destinations that are family-friendly.

1. Dominican Republic - Punta Cana

Reputed as one of the classiest golfing destinations worldwide, Punta Cana is an escape paradise. Sunny heaven with a variety of top-class fun activities, Punta Cana also provides balanced relaxation on the beach. All kinds of travellers, honeymooners, golfers, and beach-lovers can find pure pleasures in what they love doing.

The pristine beaches, endless stretches of glittering white sand, and, calm waters offer the best of natural perfection. There is no end to exciting activities for those seeking full-blown fun. Golfers can swing their hearts away; adventures can launch themselves through a zip-line course, while performance lovers can clap and dance along to the traditional Dominican music. Outdoor types have the opportunity to sample the magical beauty of the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park.

If you need more, you can go windsurfing, take banana boat rides or speedboat races, not to forget snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, cruises on catamarans, and swimming with sharks and dolphins, etc. This destination is simply irresistible.

All-Inclusive Family Resort Recommendation: Bahia Principe Fantasia Punta Cana

2. Mexico - Cancun and Riviera Maya

Located to the South of Cancun, a magnificent city situated at the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, this Mexican destination is simply marvellous. It offers all-inclusive resorts that people who prefer to holiday as a family find convenient. With full-service spa facilities, night clubs, casinos, outdoor pools for adults and kids, splashpads, kids clubs, and free access to water parks, everyone in the family can get a chance to have their fill of entertainment. The place to go if you need luxury hotels in the Riviera Maya.

Cancun is the entertainment district of the Riviera Maya. It offers all-inclusive resorts that have more access to city life, nightlife off the resort, local restaurants and shopping. Cancun is great for families who want a mix of the all-inclusive resort vacation and city or local cultural experiences.

All-Inclusive Family Resort Recommendation: Panama Jack Cancun

3. Jamaica - Montego Bay

Jamaica is famed for being the cultural capital of the Caribbean. It is an absolute favourite for vacationers who are looking for world-class, all-inclusive hotels with stunning beaches. A visit to Montego Bay is guaranteed to throw you headlong into carnivals, festivals, street dances, and of course, the trademark reggae music. Nothing makes for a more enjoyable holiday than warm and mellow weather, liquid sunshine, clear blue skies, the sea, and liquid sunshine.

Montego Bay is a tropical fun vacation packed with exclusive ingredients. Apart from being a flourishing cruise ship port, it is also a hot spot for tourists seeking value for money. Sun-splashed beaches, tropical gardens, historic plantations, and lush scenery in the countryside provide a paradisiac escape for those seeking peace. There are more guest rooms nearby than you can find anywhere else. Families vacationing together can enjoy hikes to waterfalls or ziplining through the jungle. All resorts are authentic, unpretentious, and staffed by genuinely friendly people. Importantly, many hotels are located close to the airport. For your stomach, you can sample some of the best cuisines of wonderful Jamaican and American dishes.

All-Inclusive Family Resort Recommendation: Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

4. Bermuda

This is a destination ideally situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and only a short plane ride from major cities in Northeastern USA. One unique quality of Bermuda is the sense of cheerfulness that pervades every place. There are many historical museums of seafaring, quaint towns, stunning caves, and splendid beaches of pink sand. It is a fascinating vacation spot for families. Most resorts are top-notch.

Most resorts in Bermuda offer a la carte dining options instead of the traditional all-inclusive. This allows you to experience Caribbean life at its fullest. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, swim with the dolphins, discover the clear blue waters with glass bottom boats, and thrill your senses with water sports. Bermuda is also rich in history and eco adventure. When visiting, enjoy a visit to one of the many historical forts or museums, or for a little adventure, take a boat ride in to the Bermuda Triangle.

All-Inclusive Family Resort Recommendation: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fascinating wonderland full of natural attractions. It is brimming with wildlife and endless miles of gorgeous beaches. Rainforest hikes and brisk high-altitude trails, rushing white water rapids from class I to V, and warm water world-class surfing for beginners or experienced surfers, Costa Rica has a little something for everyone. It offers am endless array of outdoor adventure in ever shape and size. Enjoy the rush of a canopy zipline to a sun-dazed afternoon on the beach to a yoga and spa wellness retreat. Can't decide? Don't worry - even a relatively short trip can include it all.

All-Inclusive Family Resort Recommendation: Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica

For more information about Caribbean destinations that are full of fun-filled activities for adventurers of all ages, contact Krista Tovell at Tovell Travel.

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